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By the way,  I would have never had the courage to challenge that law suit if I had not gone through the credit recovery with you. Just learning what I did from you made me not as fearful of dealing with financial things as I had always been in the past. Before I would have thrown the summons away and said, "oh, well... What can I do about it?" Once I became less fearful (and watched a lot of youtube and Google becuase I also did not want to pay an attorney) I realized that if you challenge the creditors many times they do not always win.  Don't get me wrong, it was super stressful and they are VERY intimidating! However, by not backing down I learned that they had no basis to collect that debt but if I did not fight it they would have automatically won and I would be paying off $7000+.

So, thank you!!


My name is Cary W.  I epitomize the statement “ If I can do it than anyone can”.  When I started with Stephanie Black at Andorra Credit Repair my credit scores were: Experian 533 Equifax 595 TransUnion 635. After finishing up with Stephanie this past month they are: Experian 706 Equifax704 TransUnion 719.

I was referred to Stephanie by the mortgage division at Wells Fargo Bank. I was actually given three referrals by them. I contacted them all and Stephanie got back to me the quickest and wasted no time with an over the phone consultation. I decided I liked what she had to say and didn’t hesitate in signing up for her services.

I did everything I was told to do by Stephanie when I was requested to do it. There wasn’t anything complicated. She did the all the behind the scenes magic. Kept me updated by email and referred me to a credit monitoring service so that we could both have constant access to my current report.

From the very beginning my score began to rise. I would watch in amazement as thousands upon thousands. (I am not exaggerating approximately 15k dollars) in collections began to disappear off my credit report. I had on average 15-18 derogatory marks per credit bureau. I am down to two for two of the reports and three for the third.

She advised me on what collections I actually needed to pay and when I should pay them.  She also advised me on how to pay only 40-50% of what you actually owed. In example: I ended up having 5000 approx debt that I needed to address. I ended up only paying 2360.

Her monthly  rate I would gladly pay. She is worth five times what she charges. She has saved me more money than I’ve paid her by ten. Not to mention that I’m currently closing on a house with a lower interest rate. In fact without Stephanie’s help I wouldn’t even have been approved.

She is VERY knowledgeable. I can’t say enough. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Andorra Credit Repair


Cary W.

Carey W. .