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Is it possible to improve your credit score and qualify for your new home using these techniques?

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Buying a home is both exciting and scary, so understanding the process and preparing upfront makes the experience so much simpler.

  • Have you dreamed of owning your own home but have no idea how to begin?
  • Has your realtor said, "Get Pre-Approved & I'll Take You Out Shopping?" but you were like "Huh?"
  • Have you ever wondered what a FICO Score is and if you even had one?
  • Are you controlling where your money goes or does your money have control over you?
  • Do you despair of ever saving enough for a down payment? Or wonder if you even need one?

This program will teach you everything you need to know to fix your credit and successfully close on your home loan regardless of your present situation.

  • Step-by-Step Action Plan from our Credit Experts to achieve fast results!
  • Put your loan package together and prepare to impress your loan officer!
  • Learn what a FICO Score is and why it matters to you
  • Learn how to make your money work for you instead of working for your money
  • Budgeting for your home loan and creating a safety net

Are you secretly worried your credit is beyond repair?

  • Have you been turned down for a mortgage and don't know where to turn?

  • Are you worried your credit score is beyond repair?

  • Do you have judgments, bankruptcies or student loan defaults that are preventing you from obtaining a home loan?

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Learn The Secrets The Credit Bureaus Don't Want You To Know!



Secrets the Credit Bureaus Don't Want You to Know!

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Does this process really work?

Yes, our process has helped thousands of people with bad credit restore and rebuild their credit over the past 12 years.  Here's what they have to say . . .

Andorra Credit Repair and specifically Stephanie Black have changed my financial life. My credit score was a "dumpster fire" low 500's, now after 6 months of working with this company my scores are over 700!!! If you are looking for a company and a true professional to help clean up your credit and get you back on track do yourself a favor and hire Stephanie Black and Andorra Credit Repair.

Brent D.
Brent D.

I think Andora Credit is amazing. I had the pleasure of working with
Stephanie. She helped me with three key factors:

Knowledge - Stephanie taught me the key factors that were impacting my

Plan - Stephanie set a plan of action to reach my desired score.

Empowerment - Stephanie empowered me to continue building my credit going

Stephanie and her team put me and my family in position to buy our dream
home. She did it in a way that didn't look like a debt consolidation plan
that actually negatively impacts your credit. I would recommend this company
to any and everyone!

William D.
William D.

My name is Cary W.  I epitomize the statement “ If I can do it than anyone can”.  When I started with Andorra Credit Repair my credit scores were: Experian 533 Equifax 595 TransUnion 635. After finishing up with the program this past month they are: Experian 706 Equifax704 TransUnion 719.

I was referred to Andorra by the mortgage division at Wells Fargo Bank. I was actually given three referrals by them. I contacted them all and Andorra got back to me the quickest and wasted no time with an over the phone consultation. I decided I liked what they had to say and didn’t hesitate in signing up for their services.

I did everything I was told to do when I was requested to do it. There wasn’t anything complicated. They did the all the behind the scenes magic. They kept me updated by email and referred me to a credit monitoring service so that we could both have constant access to my current report.

From the very beginning my score began to rise. I would watch in amazement as thousands upon thousands. (I am not exaggerating approximately 15k dollars) in collections began to disappear off my credit report. I had on average 15-18 derogatory marks per credit bureau. I am down to two for two of the reports and three for the third.

They advised me on what collections I actually needed to pay and when I should pay them.  They also advised me on how to pay only 40-50% of what you actually owed. In example: I ended up having 5000 approx debt that I needed to address. I ended up only paying 2360.

Their monthly  rate I would gladly pay. They are worth five times what they charged me. They saved me more money than I’ve paid them by ten. Not to mention that I’m currently closing on a house with a lower interest rate. In fact without their help I wouldn’t even have been approved.

They are VERY knowledgeable. I can’t say enough. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Andorra Credit Repair


Cary W.
Cary W.
Start Now Before It's Too Late!

You'll Save Time, Energy & Money by Avoiding Costly Mistakes!

Most people make HUGE mistakes trying to fix their own credit like:

  • Paying collections & charge offs that actually decrease your credit score
  • Believing the credit scores that you see online are actually real
  • Wasting valuable time trying to figure out what to do

Here is what you will receive with Andorra's powerful credit and budgeting system:

Module #1 - Why the heck does my lender care about my FICO score?

Learn the rules of FICO and how to avoid common mistakes that can actually tank your credit score.  We will walk you through an easy step-by-step process teaching you exactly what you will need to do in order to qualify for your home loan.

  • Learn what a FICO score is & why it matters to you
  • Find out why your score is not what it seems
  • Receive a free copy of all 3 credit reports
  • Submit your Initial Credit Assessment & learn how to monitor your progress

Module #2 -Whats the Plan Stan?

You will receive a one-on-one personalized session with one of our credit experts where we will devise an individual action plan that will lead directly to your success.

  • Analysis of all 3 credit reports
  • Written strategic action plan to improve & rebuild your credit
  • 30 minute personal credit evaluation with your credit expert
  • Maximize your FICO score with a personalized action plan


Module #3 - Walk the Talk & Execute Your Plan

WHAT A RELIEF! The wondering is over and you know exactly what you need to do to increase your FICO credit score and get qualified for your home loan!  SEE, IT"S NOT THAT BAD!  You can take this part as fast or slow as you want!

  • Deal with your pesky creditors
  • Manage revolving & installment credit lines
  • Consolidate student loans if applicable
  • Put payment plans in place
  • SURPRISE! You will get your road map to take action

Included in every module:

  • Short, informative training videos
  • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions to keep you on track
  • Training PDF's, checklists, assessments and calculators
  • Free bonus videos

Module #4 - Who stole my paycheck?

In this module you will learn a step-by-step process to creating a budget and ways to find money you never even knew existed!  Our team of credit experts will help you create a budget you can live with and reach your goal of home ownership.

  • Receive your "Destroy Debt Bundle" by Dave Ramsey which includes "Total Money Makeover", Financial Peace audio download, Starter Envelope System, Guide to Budgeting, Guide to Envelope System, High Performance Achievement Audio, Dumping Debt DVD
  • Create your online budget
  • Combine your action plan with your budget
  • Learn the ins & outs of Dave Ramsey's Debt Snowball Effect

Module #5 - Making sense of mortgage "mumbo jumbo"

Learn how taking the time to increase your credit score by paying off loans, strategically building your credit mix and understanding the mortgage business acronyms and definitions will make the process of getting your home loan 300 percent easier than you ever thought it could be.  Learn which loans may meet your personal goals!  Do you need an FHA, VA or Conventional loan? 15, 20 or 30 year term?  These terms won't be foreign to you after this module.

  •  Learn what type of loan is right for you
  • Mortgage terminology
  • Calculate your mortgage payment
  • What can I afford?

Module #6 - Showing your loan officer YOU have what it takes to OWN!

When you walk in to meet your Loan Officer, it will be like you have the winning numbers to the lottery!  Before you can even go shopping with a REALTOR, you will need to be pre-approved.  This module will make the process as easy as 1-2-3!

  •  Assembling your loan package
  • Learn "mortgage speak"
  • Learn the secrets of how to save thousands on your closing costs
  • Andorra's Easy Guide To Picking Out The Home Of Your Dreams

Get Started Today!

We have walked in your shoes.  We understand that you may have tax liens, student loan debt, collections, bankruptcies.  We can show you how to rebuild your credit regardless of your personal situation.  This program has worked for thousands of our customers and it will work for you as well.  Don't put off your dreams any longer. . .